The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into force almost a year and a half ago. Research from Capgemini Research shows that only 28% of companies comply with the GDPR. This research has been conducted in eleven countries. The Netherlands is not doing much better than this average: the Netherlands scores 31%. However, 30% of the companies state that they are close to full compliance with the GDPR, but do not yet fully comply with this.

The so-called data subjects do seem to be better informed about the GDPR, as mentioned earlier in a blog post from Privacy Assistant, there is a considerable increase in questions and complaints about privacy policies of companies.

The companies that do comply fully with the GDPR state that in 92% of the cases they have gained a competitive advantage from this. The realization of this advantage is, however, difficult to do due to several factors.

The research also revealed a clear gap between companies that are very involved with (new) technology and companies that are not. Companies that comply with the GDPR use cloud platforms, data encryption and process automation more often.